Fast-track Your Master’s Degree Globally

As a MicroMasters Program Credential earner, you are eligible to get credit at MIT or many other institutions around the world to fast-track your pursuit of a full Master’s degree in various areas. Find more details about the different programs here.

Become an Affiliate of the MIT Alumni Association

Earning your MicroMasters® Program Credential makes you eligible to become an affiliate of the MIT Alumni Association. You will be able to interact and network with fellow credential-holders.

Benefits of affiliate status include:

  • An official Infinite Connection account on the MIT Alumni Association website
  • Access to an online directory of fellow MicroMasters® program credential holders
  • Access to some MIT Alumni Association events
  • Access to the library journals available through JSTOR and EBSCO
  • Eligible to receive a 15% discount* off a verified track enrollment in any MITx course offered on and MITx Online. You can enroll in a course and learn at no cost, or aim to earn a verified certificate of completion for a low fee. Contact the MIT Alumni Association to learn more.
  • Eligibility for 10% off all MIT Press publications (print books and e-books)
  • Digital subscriptions to MIT Technology Review

Your affiliate status gets you an Infinite Connection account. When enrollment is available, we will send you an email with instructions on how to create an Infinite Connection account, and a link to account creation.

* This discount is not applicable to DEDP courses.  Instead, learners are encouraged to utilize their personalized pricing model.

Special Pricing for MIT Innovation Leadership Bootcamp

In Zagreb, an innovation hub located at the heart of southeast Europe, you will learn the essentials of entrepreneurial innovation and turn your ideas into action. In this intense in-person program you will:

  • Work with a diverse team of aspiring entrepreneurs from around the globe
  • Tackle real-world challenges with MIT-trained coaches
  • Experience in one week the highs and lows of building a venture, something that usually takes 2-3 years
  • Immerse yourself in the dynamic and high-energy environment unique to MIT Bootcamps; we’re bringing this experience to Algebra University in Zagreb, Croatia
  • Participate in our famous pitch competition where you will receive feedback from a team of judges – renowned MIT entrepreneurs
  • Join our amazing network of MIT Bootcampers

This immersive, hands-on, and rigorous learning experience is meant for those looking to make an immediate impact in their organization and in the world.

The next MIT Innovation Leadership Bootcamp takes place from June 8, 2024 - June 14, 2024.

MicroMasters credential earners will receive a $500 USD discount on the program.

Special Pricing for MIT Venture Advancement Bootcamp

Taken place right here in Cambridge, MA, this is a growth program for entrepreneurs, the Venture Advancement Program is a 5 day in-person program, where you will “drink from the firehose” of innovation at MIT.

During the program, you will immerse yourself in the MIT innovation ecosystem, build rich connections with like-minded peers and MIT-trained entrepreneurs, and develop a robust innovation toolkit.

You will refine your strategic business direction, hone your tactical entrepreneurial skills, and leave the program ready to take the next step - whether that’s validating your product-market fit or early-stage fundraising.

The next MIT Venture Advancement Bootcamp takes place from May 13, 2024 - May 17, 2024.

MicroMasters credential earners will receive a $500 USD discount on the program.

Have questions about the MIT Innovation Leadership Bootcamp? Reach out to us at

Access to the Program Letter

As an MITx MicroMasters program credential earner, you will be able to access a downloadable Program Letter in your MicroMasters program portal site dashboard. The purpose of this letter is to give more context and support to the credential when you include it in job interviews and school applications. If you haven’t opened an account on the MIT portal site, please follow the step from this link.

Program Specific Benefits

  • Supply Chain Management: Learners who complete the MicroMasters program in Supply Chain Management will be eligible for special discounts for the Bootcamps program, conferences, and events hosted by the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics. For more details, please visit the MIT CTL website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an affiliate of the MIT Alumni Association?

An affiliate of the MIT Alumni Association is a participant in a special program that has a formal connection with an MIT academic program that has been recognized by an MIT department, dean and/or the provost.

When will I be able to become an affiliate of the MIT Alumni Association?

After learners earn the MicroMasters program credential, they will be able to enroll as an affiliate of the MIT Alumni Association (MITAA). MITAA onboards new members three times a year. Depending on when your final exam is, you will be receiving an email from MITAA in January, March, July, and November.

How do I become an affiliate of the MIT Alumni Association?

When enrollment is available, we will send you an email with instructions on how to create an Infinite Connection account, and a link to account creation.

What is an Infinite Connection account?

Your journey to accessing all of your benefits and offerings begins with your Infinite Connection (IC) account. This online portal provides a hub for MicroMasters program credential holders. On IC, you can search the directory, connect with fellow MicroMasters program credential holders, and keep your professional and personal info up-to-date.

Where do I ask more questions?

Please contact

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