Important Program Updates: Spring 2024

Transition to Self-Paced Courses

Starting with FMF I in Fall 2023, each course in the MicroMasters Program in Finance will be offered once in a flexibly-paced format. Each course thereafter will be offered in a self-paced format, to allow learners to complete course work on their own schedule.

Flexibly-Paced Courses: September 2023 - December 2024

  • All five MM Fin courses have shifted from instructor-pacing (strictly scheduled content releases and deadlines) to flexible-pacing.
  • In flexibly-paced courses, all content except the final exam is available as soon as the course opens. You do not have to wait for content to be released or meet weekly deadlines, and can work through the course at your own pace, as long as you submit all homework by the end-of-course deadline, and complete the final exam during the exam period.

Self-Paced Courses: May 2024 onwards

Starting with FMF I in May 2024, each course will move to an on-demand, self-paced format, in which all course content is available as soon as you enroll, and you can work through the course material at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Below are the start dates for on-demand, self-paced courses.

Course Course Start Date
Foundations of Modern Finance I May 01, 2024
Foundations of Modern Finance II July 15, 2024
Financial Accounting October 01, 2024
Mathematical Methods for Quantitative Finance January 15, 2025
Derivatives Markets: Advanced Modeling & Strategies May 01, 2025

Program Updates: Fall 2023

The MicroMasters Program in Finance is excited to share upgrades to the program that will improve the learner experience while continuing to offer career-changing educational opportunities to learners around the world.

Fewer Proctored Exams — One Comprehensive Final Exam (CFx)

  • Learners will now take one proctored Comprehensive Final Exam (CFx), instead of five Course-Level proctored exams.
  • The CFx will test learners on content from all five courses.
  • The CFx will be offered two times per year.
  • Through Summer 2024, Eligible Learners — learners who earned one or more course certificates by passing Course-Level proctored exams prior to September 20, 2023 — have two options for earning the MicroMasters program credential:
    • Earn course certificates in all remaining courses by continuing to pass Course-Level Proctored Exams, or
    • Earn course certificates in all remaining courses by passing unproctored Timed Exams, followed by one Comprehensive Final Exam (CFx) that assesses knowledge across all five courses in the program.
    • (See "Transition period for certificate holders" below for more information).
  • Learners who are new to the program, or who did not earn a course certificate prior to September 20, 2023 and wish to earn the program credential, will take the CFx after earning a certificate in all 5 courses in the program.
  • In order to take the CFx, learners must first earn a certificate in all 5 courses in the program.
  • An unproctored Timed Exam will replace the proctored exam in each course. Learners who take the Timed Exam and earn a passing score in the course will receive a course certificate.
  • All learners eligible to take the CFx will be automatically enrolled in each session of the course before its scheduled start date. Learners cannot manually enroll themselves in the CFx.
  • The cost of the CFx aligns with the cost of other courses in the program ($549). However, learners who purchased the program bundle or have earned at least one course certificate prior to September 20, 2023 may take one CFx at no cost through the end of 2025.

Transition period for certificate holders

Until the end of the Summer 2024 semester, current MicroMasters Program in Finance learners who earned at least one certificate prior to September 20, 2023 have two paths to earning the program credential:

  1. Pass all remaining courses and associated proctored exams to earn the program credential by the end of Summer 2024, or,
  2. Pass all remaining courses with unproctored timed exams, and then pass Comprehensive Final Exam (CFx).

The option to take Course-Level proctored exams will be available to eligible learners through the Summer 2024 semester, after which the CFx will be required to earn the program credential.

Below is the schedule of courses offering Course-Level proctored exams to eligible learners:

Course Course Start Date Proctored Exam Period
Financial Accounting April 3, 2024 June 24 - 26, 2024
Mathematical Methods for Quantitative Finance June 27, 2024 September 16 -18, 2024


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