Where do I start?

We're glad you asked!

We've designed the program schedule to maximize flexibility for you. At any time when the PoM program is running (September to May), there is at least one class you can enroll in as your first. These entry classes are: Process Control I, Manufacturing Systems I, both of the Supply Chains for Manufacturing courses, and both of the Management courses. This means you can enter into the program at six points distributed throughout the school year.

You can take the four topics in any order. Since some appreciate a recommendation (other orders work well as well), here it is:

  1. Process Control I and II
  2. Systems I and II
  3. Supply Chains for Manufacturing: Inventory Analytics and Supply Chains for Manufacturing: Capacity Analytics
  4. Management in Engineering: Accounting and Planning and Management in Engineering: Strategy and Leadership

We've designed the program so that you can finish in one year by doubling up on classes, or in two years if you stick (mostly) with one class at a time.

A few things to consider to start out your PoM journey:

  1. Enroll in an upcoming entry class for free! (Take a look at the banner on the right for links to the edX classes.)
  2. Once you've enrolled in at least one course, make a profile on the MicroMasters portal to join the PoM community!
  3. Have questions? Many of them are answered in our FAQ section.
  4. Read some experiences from our learners or watch a video from MIT alumni of the Masters of Engineering in Advanced Manufacturing and Design.Help Center FAQs Page


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