We believe outstanding learning can be available to everyone, everywhere with minimum barriers to entry. That’s why we created the MITx MicroMasters® Program Credential in Supply Chain Management.

Why the MITx MicroMasters program in SCM is great for universities

We have designed the MicroMasters Program Credential to provide the level of analytical rigor and depth of topic similar to high-level graduate schools, but with the ease of access and availability of the more traditional certification programs. Students who have earned the MicroMasters program credential have demonstrated expertise and understanding of the core models and analysis that underpin all supply chain management. This academic credential can be a complement to current professional education programs and university graduate programs.

Further, we believe that online teaching is often superior to in-person classroom teaching for many analytical and methodological skills. This is because these skills require detailed explanations followed by practice with immediate feedback. The online environment allows students to slow down or repeat relevant video lectures to match their comprehension rate. The online problems allow students to practice at their own pace and receive immediate, detailed critique of their work. It is essentially like having a TA constantly on call.

There are other skills, however, that are equally important to becoming successful in Supply Chain Management that are best taught in-person. We believe that the MicroMasters Program Credential in SCM can serve as a substitute for a full semester’s worth of coursework at any graduate school program but should be complemented with in-person classes that cover leadership, team training, and other interpersonal skills, to grant a Master’s Degree.

Potential Benefits

Here are some of the potential benefits for a university that decides to use the MicroMasters program credential in SCM as a path of credit for their own Master’s Degree programs.

  • Bring highly motivated, self-starting students to their campus
  • Enroll students who already have passed five courses in Supply Chain Management that are equivalent to one full semester of coursework at MIT, demonstrating a deep understanding of the subject area
  • Provide opportunities to keep talent local to the region and nearby regions
  • Brand exposure through MIT news, social engagement, MicroMasters program website, and edX page
  • Potential revenue increase by adding additional students
  • Faster cycle of graduate programs by creating cohorts for MicroMasters program learners
  • Exposure to CTL faculty and curriculum (annual networking event)

If your university would like to work with us to bring the MITx MicroMasters program credential holders to your Master’s program, please contact luzhang@mit.edu. You can learn more about how you can join MIT’s efforts to reimagine higher education by offering credit for the MITx MicroMasters program credential.

Future Course Dates

Supply Chain Analytics (SC0x): starts Sep 04, 2024
Supply Chain Fundamentals (SC1x): starts Apr 02, 2025
Supply Chain Design (SC2x): starts Jan 08, 2025
Supply Chain Dynamics (SC3x): starts Jan 08, 2025
Supply Chain Technology and Systems (SC4x): starts Jan 08, 2025
Comprehensive Exam (CFx) Enrollment by Eligibility: starts Mar 24, 2025

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